Working with Skype:

Skype provides an extraordinary medium in which to practice psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychoanalytic supervision, since it is possible for two people to see each other while speaking. Some psychoanalysts have equated psychoanalysis with the use of the couch. However, there are other analysts who have found that eye contact can be essential in fostering the analytic process, and that the lifeblood of psychoanalysis is not in the number of sessions or the use of the couch, but rather in the nature of the psychoanalytic process and the quality of the relationship. Conventional psychoanalysis is practiced without eye contact but with presence; Skype psychoanalysis, is practiced with eye contact but without presence.

Why Skype? Skype is a free and easy to install Voice over IP (VoIP) programme that enables free Internet calls between two computers, regardless of their locations. You can go to the website to download the free software at

Setting up a Skype account:

You will need the free Skype software available at  Follow the instructions to download and set up an account. You will be able to find my name in the Skype directory and add it to your contact list. You will also need a webcam (mic and speakers) that are available online or at any electronics store. The minimum system requirements for your computer are a PC, Mac, or Linux - broadband internet connection, 1 GHz processor - 256MB RAM - a fast internet connection (56k dialup does not work well).

Is Skype confidential?
Skype encrypts all communications including video communication. You can learn more about the security provided by Skype at this link:

Skype Security



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